Baris Talks : “The Bad Eggs In Our Industry”

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So here’s my first blog, so lets get straight into it…….


We have to accept that every industry has bad eggs….anybody remember the Banking Crisis of 2008 which ultimately led to a global recession? What was uncovered overtime was the mismanagement of the banks by senior management and the fraudulent methods used by ordinary bankers to pocket money for themselves while screwing their clients – ie: customers like me and you. Sound familiar? Yes, in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, the same shit happens.

There’s a handful of bad eggs – or guru’s, prep coaches as they would like to be known. And believe it or not, their profiles are pretty much similar. They are not bankers but more like w**kers! Here are 12 common things to look out for.

1: They claim to have qualifications

2: They claim to have trained elite athletes

3: They use “Google Search” to find answers to questions from clients

4: They copy and paste tailored plans for clients (normally stolen from

5: They hassle you by email, text & WhatsApp until you cave in to their services

6: They fuck you off if you don’t want to sleep with them

7: They only work with athletes that have already got the genetics to do well (to cover their unqualified work)

8: They use and distribute steroids but then preach about being clean

9: They think they are “legends” in their own mind

10: They use motivational quotes to come across with apathy and intelligence.

11: They buy a shit load of followers to pretend they really are popular with the industry

12: They buy likes to make people think their posts and their clients transformations are popular

In regulated industries, custodial sentences are common practice for bad eggs like these. But in the bodybuilding and fitness industry, which to this day, is still not regulated, these bad eggs get away with it and it’s your money! Why? There are those that see sense and realise what’s going on and decide to change. But there are those who are still ignorant, fall for the charms, the bullshit and pretend none of the accusations of malpractice by their coach is true. How stupid is what I say. Yes they are. Because it’s their stupidity, selfishness and total disregard for honesty that keeps these w**kers in business. Unfortunately, the many great eggs in our industry are tarnished with the same brush – which is a shame.

One name among these bad eggs stands out more than most always – Scotty Francisco (his real name is in there somewhere). His name keeps cropping up. and even to the point where last week, IFBB Bodybuilders and highly respected coaches started slating him. Did I tell you I’ve even had a major run in with him last October at the UKBFF British Finals in Nottingham?  It made me really understood what an absolute, 100% genuine twat he really is.

I continue to monitor his bullshit via social media. Only last week, a highly detailed, well thought article was written on him – the scams, the lies, the fake charities, the money owed to MANY dissatisfied clients, the distribution of steroids (when claiming he doesn’t touch the stuff), over 80% of his followers on both Twitter and Instagram are bought and are not organic likes.  You can read the full article with the incriminating evidence here courtesy of Sam Roberts: .

You see any decent coach will tell you that your training and diet is about quality not quantity. The same theory applies in business. You want to target a quality audience of say 10,000 than an audience of 100,000 – quantity doesn’t guarantee successful revenue, quality does – FACT. So why can’t certain people see behind the bullshit of 1,000 dodgy likes for a post when the last few were only a couple of hundred (and more realistic). Why can’t people see that there aren’t 17,000 plus followers and that ONLY a fraction of those are genuine accounts. The uninitiated will see these over-inflated figures and think, “Shit he’s popular – he must be good!” – next minute he’s been hired or in this case our wonderful friend Scotty. It’s basic fraud…..any other industry, you’d be pulled up before the ASA or even court for such bullshit.

Scotty’s avoidance of HMRC for the money he owes to clients and the half a dozen failed businesses (yep you can do a search at Companies House for free) speaks volumes – “ They (court) concluded that Francis legally owed her the money back. She is still chasing him; the address Francis gave is no longer where he is based.” – this is one of many quotes from clients that have been ripped off – full details are available on Sam Roberts’ article.

And I have to say this guy just loves hassling women on text and WhatsApp. I seen the texts from female athlete friends of mine, I’ve heard the stories from others – “He then threatened me when I wanted to escape the clutches of his poisonous messages after blocking him.” says one victim of the Scotty charm! I don’t agree with any form of harassment towards women, but this guy thinks he has a divine right to bully women into his charms then turns nasty when they rightly try to ignore him.

Why am I bothered? Why am I making such an effort to expose this particular guy? Because I care about people. I hate to see the uninitiated in an intimating industry taken advantage of. For example, there’s a detailed overview in Sam Roberts article about charities. To see this w**nker take advantage of a tragic illness like cancer (which on a personal level has taken members of my dear family), by setting up a fake charity for his own financial gain makes me sick, to the point I want to confront piece of shit again.

What has also bothered me is people who I seriously respected in this industry, simply dismiss my posts on him and in return, slate me and basically turn their back on what’s going on. These are the same people who spend hours posting selfies of their bum trying to promote their ailing PT businesses and to me it actually says, “I really don’t give a shit about the clients he’s fucked over because I only have time to give a shit abut myself and what I’m doing, even though I see myself as a major figure of inspiration within this industry.”

So hang on people – you’ll moan when Government is corrupt, they tax you more, they cause a worldwide recession but you don’t give a damn about what’s happening in the industry you claim to be a major player in or you claim to be passionate about?  That’s real inspiring and motivating. Good work! But at the same time don’t slag off the very people who have a genuine interest to make things right.

In an industry that has NO regulation, it needs ALL the good eggs to highlight the bad eggs and to kick them out. The sport already gets a bad press – anyone remember Jodie Marsh and those recent BBC documentaries? Why allow fuel to be added to that fire? There’s only a few of us that can highlight these malpractices in our industry so many times – it needs a collective effort from everybody – from the athletes to the coaches to the Federation members to clean up our industry and finally say goodbye to these bad eggs!

And what about those looking to hire a coach for general fitness or those wanting to compete for the first time? DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! Ask questions. You’re not going to throw your money away for any other company without checking, an employer is not going to hire an employee without questions, references or a CV – so do the same.

A simple to do list is as follows:

1: Check the person out FULLY – who they are and where they are located

2: Ask to see their qualifications (all qualifications are provided in the form of certificates – FACT)

3: Ask to see examples of clients they have coached/prepped – get their details

4: Contact those clients to get their feedback.

5: Confirm IN WRITING how much they will be charging for services.

6: Ask for a detailed breakdown of EXACTLY what you will be getting at that cost – line by line.

7: IF you go head an hire them, document and record EVERYTHING

Remember, they want your business so you have EVERY RIGHT under consumer law to follow these 7 steps.


My next blog will discuss the ever increasing “celebrities” and “reality TV stars” trying to corner the fitness market for surprise surprise – MONEY!

Thanks for reading!





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