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  • 11/08/2011
    Anabolic Designs : Pro Test Cycle-Granite Mass

    Anabolic designs are proud to announce the launch of the all new pro test cycle. This cycle is for advanced trainers who are looking to push their supplementing arsenal to the next level. Users of the pro test cycle can …read more

  • 11/08/2011
    Beth’s Blog

    Afternoon all, This week seems like a long week even though it’s been non-stop! Between getting good training sessions in myself, training my clients and getting organised again for my holiday on Friday .. my head feels like it’s about …read more

  • 10/08/2011
    How QNT Full Energy can improve performance!

    QNT FULL ENERGY provides a matrix of simple and complex carbohydrates in combination with performance enhancing nutrients that help to maximize energy production, endurance, power, muscular contraction and recovery!                 Each 30 gram …read more

  • 10/08/2011
    Gluteus Maximus : Bum Training

    Speaking from a purely physical point of view, if you conducted an opinion poll amongst any group of men, especially black men, anywhere in the world and posed the question as to which body part of the opposite sex they …read more

  • 09/08/2011
    Beth’s Blog

    I was asked the question this week – what is better for you/more effective, Interval training or continuous cardio at a steady level. There are many conflicting answers, and both are good in different ways. There is not one better …read more

  • 08/08/2011
    CNP’s Pro MS meal replacement helps women slim

    Women of all ages strive towards an attractive build and are constantly on the lookout for products to help them on their quest. CNP Professional’s Pro MS is a protein shake that is specially formulated to make it easier for …read more

  • 26/07/2011
    The Consequences Of Stress

    Everyone needs a certain amount of stress to live well. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning and gives you the vitality and zest to do all sorts of things. Without it, we would have no motivation …read more

  • 18/07/2011
    About Hard Labour Nutrition

              After 20 years of involvement in this industry I think I may have come full circle. Starting as an uninformed aspiring athlete, I have progressed through the ranks from regional, national, European, World and Universe …read more

  • 16/07/2011
    Krunch Gym : Waltham Abbey, UK

            When trying to get in shape, check out one of the best gyms north of London and on the border of Hertfordshire & Essex in Waltham Abbey – Krunch Gym! The first thing you will notice …read more

  • 14/07/2011
    A Guide To Goals & Aspirations In The Gym

    If you have decided to change to a far healthier lifestyle and work on your health, fitness and physique, let me say it’s a great decision and one you will never regret! The hard part is convincing yourself you need …read more

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