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  • 19/04/2014
    Bodybuilding Photographs

    Photographs taken from UKBFF shows in the 2013 season

  • 19/04/2014
    Are You Growing Enough Muscle (part 2)

    Bad Technique You’re doing the right exercises, but are you doing them right? If you want to place the maximum amount of stress on the muscle, and prevent serious injuries, you have to execute every movement with good form. Don’t …read more

  • 18/04/2014
    Calcium Sources

    Calcium is part of bone health, but it’s not the only component. In fact, high dairy consumption may not reduce risk of bone fractures and a heavy dairy intake could contribute to prostate and ovarian cancers. Strong bones are made by …read more

  • 18/04/2014
    Are You Growing Enough Muscle (part 1)

    Calories: Calorie consumption is the solution to about 90% of the complaints lifters have about not being about to get bigger and/or stronger. Your body requires a certain number of calories to maintain your current weight. This figure is known …read more

  • 31/12/2013
    Compound Exercises And Isolation Exercises

    A compound exercise is any exercise that involves the use of more than one major muscle group at a time. Typically, there is one larger muscle group that ends up doing the majority of the work, and then one or more smaller muscle groups that …read more

  • 30/12/2013
    Wrist Curls

    Start out by placing two dumbbells on the floor in front of a flat bench. Sit down on the edge of the flat bench with your legs at about shoulder width apart. Make sure to keep your feet on the …read more

  • 30/12/2013
    Video : High Intensity Chest Workout

    Neale Cranwell of Krunch Gym takes us through a high intensity chest workout.

  • 30/12/2013
    Get-Lean Mistakes You’re Making

    By Kelechi Opara Trying to get lean can seem a complex and confounding pursuit. You’re not really a calorie counter but you eat pretty sensibly. You know that higher reps burn more calories but that can make it hard to …read more

  • 27/12/2013
    Work On Your Weaknesses

    Do you know why bench pressing is awesome? Because you’ve done it a million times and your probably pretty darn good at it. Do you know why split squats suck? Because you’re not particularly good at them so you’ve found …read more

  • 27/12/2013
    Start Each Day With A Protein-Rich Breakfast

    Sure, filling up a bucket with cereal and skim milk is an easy way to get a big breakfast down but it’s not exactly a nutritional strategy that is going to help build a killer physique. Eating a breakfast that …read more

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