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  • 29/06/2012
    The Bicep Curl

    The biceps curl is another highly recognizable weight training exercise working the muscles of the upper arm, the biceps, and to a lesser extent, the lower arm muscles. Variations include standing position, seated, incline seated, and ‘concentration’ position with elbow …read more

  • 28/06/2012
    Weight Training Success

    We all reach that stage in our exercise lives at some stage. It just seems that nothing much extra happens — no more fat loss or muscle gain. For some it seems like endless progress because of a low fitness …read more

  • 27/06/2012
    10 Exercises To Make You Look Great Naked!

    Clothes may maketh the man or woman, but eventually we all have to come clean and get the gear off. It may be your first naked fun run, sky dive, nude ski, nude protest or day at the clothes-optional beach …read more

  • 27/06/2012
    Post Workout Meal

    How you eat to recover from exercise is one of the most important principles in exercise nutrition. If you don’t refuel sufficiently after each session, your glucose (glycogen) stores in muscle can get depleted leading to tiredness, poor performance and …read more

  • 27/06/2012
    Lower-Body Training

    I see plenty of men, especially younger men, who bulk up in the arms, chest and shoulders and just about forget about the legs and butt. This is not a good look. I suspect many who train like this don’t …read more

  • 26/06/2012
    Training For Power

    Getting strong is one thing, but getting powerful requires another element in your training. Power is the combination of strength and speed over time. Building Power With Weight Training Power training is important for sports where sudden bursts of activity …read more

  • 26/06/2012
    Pre-Workout Nutrition

    Weight trainers don’t usually expend the amount of energy that a an endurance athlete does in training, so one doesn’t have to be as acutely aware of the intake of carbohydrate required to fuel such effort. For example, a heavy-training …read more

  • 26/06/2012
    Challenge Your Training Routine

    Are you stuck in a workout rut? If you’re bored with your routine, hitting the weight loss wall or just plain losing interest in exercise, you might be on the downside of your love affair with fitness. There are ways …read more

  • 26/06/2012
    Basic Muscle Building Plan

    An all-round weight training program, such as the Basic Strength and Muscle program, gives you a solid foundation in strength training and muscle building. This basic muscle program targets muscle building more precisely. Muscle building or bodybuilding requires more detailed …read more

  • 25/06/2012
    A Weight Loss Program You Enjoy

    One of the keys to losing weight is to find a weight-loss program you enjoy so you’ll stick with it. Gyms offer so many opportunities to create workouts that you will likely be able to find several activities you enjoy …read more

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