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  • 07/11/2012
    Top 10 Tips For Taking Creatine

    1. Take it 15-30 minutes prior to your first rep. 2. Never neglect your other nutritional needs (protein, multi vitamin, enzymes, antioxidants, etc…) 3. Taking Creatine before bed won’t deliver better results. It might even keep you awake. 4. Don’t …read more

  • 07/11/2012
    Walking The Treadmill

    It’s amazing that so many people think that holding on whilst walking on the treadmill is the correct thing to do.  Think how ridiculous it would look if people had to hold on to something wherever they went or whenever they moved …read more

  • 07/11/2012
    Dean’s Tips For Cutting Fat

      1. Eat oranges instead of drinking OJ   2. Leave the skin on fruits when possible   3. Eat raw fruits instead of fruit juices to obtain more nutrients   4. Eat more dark, leafy, green, vegetables   5. …read more

  • 07/11/2012
    Be Organised With Your Training

    Be organized. Which muscle (group) would you like to train today or tomorrow? It’s smart to plan when you train all the muscle groups of your body for the week. That way you will be sure to hit all of …read more

  • 28/10/2012

    You must use your power of focus when you are training, and always focusing on your goals and objectives! This mental tool must be used when you start your program. Focus means so many things, but most importantly focus on …read more

  • 17/10/2012
    Tips To Improve Your Strength On The Bench Press

    Tip #1 – Row The Bar Row the bar? Yes, row the bar. Row the bar towards yourchest. We all know that keeping a tight back is an essential aspect of good form. To help achieve a tight back, concentrate …read more

  • 17/10/2012
    The Five First Steps To Effortless Fat Loss

    Bodybuilding is the only sport in the world where the participants are required to, and are able to repeatedly and systematically burn off all their bodyfat. Now, you may not want to look like a bodybuilder. But, people who train …read more

  • 14/10/2012
    Training For A Better Physique

    Use Compound Lifts: Utilizing multi-joint movements such as bench presses, pullups, rows, shoulder presses, squats and leg presses in your routines will ensure you are hitting more than one muscle with maximum weight. This will help you become efficient in …read more

  • 07/10/2012
    Jen Cargill : Introduction

    Are you sick and tired and totally confused about all the information available on how to lose weight and drop body fat and get into shape? Would you like someone to tell it to you straight, someone who cuts through …read more

  • 30/09/2012
    Tips From Celebrity Trainer Dean Ash

    EATING A GOOD PRE WORKOUT MEAL The best thing to consume before a workout is a meal consisting of slow burning carbs such as pasta and rice. The reason is that slow burning carbs take longer to convert into glucose …read more

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