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  • 04/08/2012

    The deadlift is mostly performed with a bar and plates or fixed barbell. Dumbbells can also be used but the effect is similar to the dumbbell squat. This description uses the barbell. Several advanced variations are possible with alternative leg …read more

  • 02/08/2012

    The squat takes many forms including with dumbbells, barbells, bar and plates, a Smith machine, or even without equipment at all using your own body weight. You may wish to start with a pair of dumbbells or a barbell of …read more

  • Are you stuck in a workout rut? If you’re bored with your routine, hitting the weight loss wall or just plain losing interest in exercise, you might be on the downside of your love affair with fitness. There are ways …read more

  • While some people want a smaller butt, some want one a little larger and more shapely, especially with the attention that celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, and Kim Kardashian have drawn. In this article I will discuss how to …read more

  • Why do so many gym-goers head instinctively for the treadmill? Is it because they want to improve their aerobic ability? Sometimes. Because they envy the carcass-with-lungs physique of long distance runners? Not in my experience. No, its because they want …read more

  • The debate over whether HIT (High Intensity Training) or volume training is better is one of the fiercest in bodybuilding. It has been raging for decades and is unlikely ever to be resolved. Although I am a believer in HIT, …read more

  • Just because you struggle to get to the gym everyday, cant afford the membership fees or just simply hate being there, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in a good workout with the absolute minimal amount of equipment. I’ve devised …read more

  • Picture the scene – you’ve worked so hard to make big gains on your training. You see the amazing progress you are making. The results speak for themselves. Then suddenly……you’ve suffered an injury! It is a common theme in the muscle …read more

  • Afternoon guys, I hope all of you who attended the Body Temple open day at the weekend enjoyed, and I hope it was a great success! I was gutted I couldn’t be there but sometimes work takes over our own …read more

  • Morning! Friday already! How did that happen?! Happy days! Dyddiau hapus where I am from! .. Although I am sadly working all weekend so it’s more like Wednesday to me! Am getting right back into my training with a new …read more

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