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I took most of last year off from the gym which in turn did mean I had no real focus on any long term training or nutrition plan. Coming off the back of a serious bout of depression and anxiety, I also had to contend with a full time job that quite frankly was depressing me even further. This was May 2017.

In June 2017 I decided that drastic changes were in order. I resigned from my job and put my house on the market. I needed a complete fresh start. In July 2017, I secured a new job which was back in publishing and media within the City of London and after much patience, stress and delays – a concrete offer came in for my home in November 2017. After having an offer accepted on a new home in Beckenham, Kent, I finally moved in January 2018.

I was delighted to be back where I was born and bred for the first thirty years of my life – close to family and friends. Journey time to and from London was a lot less and the area a lot more desirable than where I was living for the last 12 years.

When you suddenly feel rejuvenated, refreshed and motivated,  you naturally get a passion to set more goals and aspirations. Naturally fitness and my diet had to be next on the agenda. In February, I checked out the local leisure centre – The Spa at Beckenham. The gym housed all the expected cardio and weight machines plus a host of free weights. I met a personal trainer at the Spa – Robert Takan, a bodybuilder who achieved 1st place at the UKBFF British Championships in 2017, and he agreed to take me on as a client. I could now put a goal together with my personal trainer, to keep me in check and to make sure I was not slacking but I was in fact being consistent in both my training and diet.

My goal? To drop my weight, lose inches on my waistline while building muscle. My weight had ballooned to nearly 90 kg with a waistline of 34 inches. To add to this, my body fat was nearing 30%. I had lost any muscle I had painstakingly built a year before and I certainly knew that the hard work was about to begin. Remember I hadn’t been training for over a year. S here’s the comparison. The last time I was in the gym, I was able to shoulder press with a pair of 30 kg dumbbells. My first session in over a year, I could just about manage 12 reps with a pair of 12 kg dumbbells. As my good friend Dayo once told me, “Rome was not built in a day.” Frustrating as it was, I knew I had to be patient and just keep chipping away at it.

For the first time in two years, I decided to book a holiday to the Aegean Coast of Turkey for Wednesday 29th August – this gave me the additional incentive to build the physique I was aiming for. I had 24 weeks to achieve it.

My next post will detail my diet – what I am eating and which supplements I’m taking. The latest update on my progress will be 12 weeks into the plan with 12 weeks to go.


Baris Agun

Owner of PumingFit

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