Anna McManamey on Strength Training

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As a coach, I’ve definitely noticed a shift in the way women are training. In recent years it seems more women are starting to incorporate at least some form of strength work into their programs, which is great to see. But it’s the amount of weight they’re lifting and choice of exercises where I see the biggest mistakes being made.

Whenever I’m approached by a new female client, the main concern I hear is “I don’t want to look manly” or “I don’t want to look bulky, I just want to lean out and tone.” I even had one client whose husband was so concerned about her losing her femininity she actually kept it a secret from him that she had even contacted me! But my response is the same to all of them: in order for you to sculpt a shapely figure and have definition, you need to build muscle. And to do that you need to lift, and you need to lift heavy.

Anna McManamey - physique competitor, model, and coach

This article is a snippet from the main article on Muscle and Strength – “Leg Training for Women: The Complete Guide With Workouts” and can be found at this link


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